our capabilities

Popular business mythology says that we're supposed to have "Core Competencies." Heck, people pay us, so we must do something right, true? Nicely-enough, we do...

  • We sell stuff! We find a way to make stuff sell even when it's hard.
  • Actually, we generate the traffic and leads so YOU can sell stuff.
  • We develop every project with the thought in mind that marketing should pay for itself through increased sales.
  • While we're doing that, we make certain that our approach is helping to build the long-term value of your Brand.
  • The other thing we do is to have some fun along the way. I mean, lighten up! Marketing Communication is about connecting with people. And even geeks respond favorably when it's interesting!

We do some other things well too, like a proprietary marketing research process, and a stunning lead generation program, the obvious Web stuff, promotions that actually work, tradeshow design and support that will keep you from going crazy trying to deal with union installers, corporate identity programs, packaging design, point-of-purchase, collateral design and production, ... and lots of other cool stuff. So all in all, we think we're a pretty complete and pretty darn good resource for spending those huge marketing budgets we all hear about. But we're an even better resource for not spending the measly, inadequate budget that YOU'VE got! Now doesn't this sound like someone you'd like to do business with?! We hope so.

You've probably noticed that most ad agencies fight with most PR agencies. (If you haven't noticed, it's probably because they're fighting behind your back!) They fight about budget (yours). And they fight about revenue (theirs). But they almost never fight about how best to team together and help their mutual client generate more business. We think that attitude is both stupid and short-sighted. They're imagined increased billings are almost always followed with lost clients...and rightly so. Our job is to do everything we can to make you succeed. And very often, that means to NOT advertise and put the money into a well-crafted public relations program instead. (We call it FREE ADVERTISING, and think it's an absolutely superb way to make a few bucks work like a few thousand.)

We'll work as closely with your PR agency as you'll let us. Or you can work with ours. Either way, you'll find us living our Number One Principle...Our Client's success is our reason for being.

Here's a link to an agency that understands that sometimes NOT advertising is the best way to advertise!