our principles

3. Our Suppliers Are Our Partners

What we believe about Suppliers

3.1 We will treat the people and companies we do business with as full-fledged partners. They are neither 'vendors' nor 'suppliers', but rather a vital ingredient to our clients'--and therefore our--success.

3.2 We will seek out those who share our beliefs. We choose to work only with those companies (and clients) whose commitment to customer satisfaction matches our own.

3.3 Our business relationships will be handled in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust; demanding that all professional courtesies be maintained by everyone...including us.

3.4 We will pay our invoices in a timely manner. We know how critical cash flow is to any business, so in situations where client payment delays may cause us to pay beyond standard terms, we will keep our suppliers informed and honor all our promises.

3.5 We will help companies that work with us to be profitable. We will handle our business dealings as efficiently as possible, working to achieve everyone's mutual success.

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