our principles

2. Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset

What we believe about Employees

2.1 We will hire, fire, pay and promote based upon attitude, effort and ability. "Competent" performance is unacceptable... excellence is the standard by which we will judge ourselves. Continual improvement is the basis from which we will grow.

2.2 Differences in ethnicity, national-origin, age, health, gender, sexual preference, religious beliefs or any other things that may make you 'different' are not simply toleratedŠthey are encouraged. In fact, a diversity of opinions, attitudes and outlooks are a critical catalyst to our creative product. In short, everyone who works here will be judged by the quality of their work alone. We don't care if you're weird...but we demand that you be good!

2.3 We are 100% employee-owned, and will mutually share the responsibility of profitably running our company.

2.4 We will provide a supportive, caring environment for the people who work here. Above average earning potential, together with superior offices, equipment, staffing, funding and training will be considered the norm.

2.5 People who work here will work hard. And long. As a result, time away from work will be encouraged to the extent it can be taken without affecting the quality or timeliness of our work.

2.6 Everyone who works here will be treated (and treat others) with dignity, respect and the utmost professionalism.

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