our principles

1. Our Clients’ Success Is Our Reason For Being.

What we believe about Clients.

1.1 This agency is only as strong as the relationship with our clients. To the extent that our focus is on their success, ours will be assured.

1.2 No assignment is unimportant. The cumulative weight of our every effort will eventually be reflected in our profits, our reputation and in our own self-respect.

1.3 Everything we do affects the companies and people that hire us. Our performance has a direct and personal impact upon the careers and lives of the people within those companies.

1.4 Our clients are our partners. We are responsible for their success. They are responsible for ours. We share their problems, their opportunities, their hopes, their dreams. Likewise, they suffer from our shortcomings, and gain strength from our abilities and efforts.

1.5 We will judge ourselves--not by our best work--but by our worst. Excellence is a given. It is the base standard from which we will seek to improve. "Good enough," is never good enough. "Acceptable," is never acceptable.

1.6 We will spend our clients' money as if it were our own. We have a fiduciary responsibility to make wise, competent decisions on our clients' behalf.

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