brand positioning

Making Qualitative Research Work Harder

"The trouble with most research is that it’s not actionable."
-Bill Kimball

Vague, generalized and ambiguous results from focus groups tend to provide no clear strategic or tactical marketing and communication direction. In order to address this strategic planning frustration, we developed The Group 365’s proprietary and innovative research tool: our B-MAP© Brand Mapping and Positioning Process. The B-MAP is the strategic vehicle we use at the Group 365 to bring products to market and to promote them successfully.

  • The B-MAP Process provides clear, actionable marketing, promotional and creative direction for our client marcom programs.
  • The B-MAP Process provides unique insight into consumer preferences and product interaction; and does so in a way that our clients can immediately begin to use this information to their advantage.
  • The B-MAP Process — in a series of four clear linear steps — leads the agency and client from background understanding and consumer research, through the positioning process to actionable (and profitable!) execution strategies and tactics.
  • The B-MAP Process works equally well for new product introductions and re-positioning of existing brands.
  • The B-MAP Process, although proprietary in its unique approach, depends upon industry-proven research and marketing methodology for its success.
  • The B-MAP Process is an extremely powerful branding tool because it so clearly marks the way, in specific actionable terms, for a product’s success in the marketplace.
  • The B-MAP Process can be run independently of client involvement (such as when B-Mapping competitive products), but is most effective when developed as part of a collaborative effort between the client and the agency.
  • The B-MAP Process, although proprietary and only available from The Group 365, is affordable for our clients.
  • The B-MAP Process is unique in that it is a qualitative process which produces the kind of actionable findings usually associated with quantitative methodology.